Sorority Pledges Nasty Having Video

nasty sorority hazing

This sorority is all about making the new girls feel like they fit in and belong to the sisterhood and the only way to make that happen is to put the girls through a hazing ritual that will bond them to their other sisters in ways only a naked hazing can. These girls get naked and show off their perky tits and their shaved pussies. The two girls then get down on their hands and knees while the other girl climbs on top of them and gets up on her knees and shakes her big perky tits around while the room filled with other college students watch on and enjoy her show. Once these three naked babes finish their show they are ready for the next hazing event.

This is Not FAMU Hazing We Are Hot Girls

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Have you heard the news recently about all the college hazing that’s taking place in Florida? Well, there is a particular school called FAMU that is in some hot water for hazing students. This is even better than the FAMU hazing trust me! These are hot college girls getting hazed during their initiation into a sorority. One of the girls was a member of band camp too. I bet they stuck a flute in her pussy! Hahaha Haze Her mofos!