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This hot website is full of hazing stories that you’ll want to see. In order to get into this sorority, these college babes need to clean the sorority house while enduring all kinds of punishment from all the members, which is sexy punishment, of course. They have to clean in tiny little bras and bikinis. Then they make them shave the member’s legs and even their pussies in the shower. In the end they have to show off their cocksucking skills so they don’t give the chapter a bad name. Can’t have inexperienced members out there giving terrible head, can we?

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Hazing Lesbian Strap On Porn

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Hazing may be illegal, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t done! The sorority sisters we captured on tape at Haze Her took hazing to a whole new level with this sexy pledge session. After blindfolding their butt-naked pledges, the girls begin to play all sorts of nasty sex games. They touch, lick and stroke each other’s bodies until every pledge is soaking themselves and begging for more! While the older sorority sister dominate the pledges with strap-on dildos, the newcomers are forced to pleasure their superiors with some lesbian cunt-licking. All the girls get pleasures and humiliated in this massive group sex clip!

Sorority Pledges Hazing Story

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When they say college girls play dirty, they fucking mean it. These sorority sisters are breaking in their newest pledges with some serious, sexy hazing. Every juicy minute was captured by Haze Her, a site that brings you all the dominating, humiliating, orgasm-inducing action of real sorority hazing. From forcing their pledges to crawl around naked with dog collars, to making them suck, lick and eat each other’s wet pussies, there’s almost nothing these hard-ass sisters won’t make them do. There’s even a cunt-licking fuck-train! The neighborhood frat brothers get to watch the whole thing, and thankfully, so do you!