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This hot website is full of hazing stories that you’ll want to see. In order to get into this sorority, these college babes need to clean the sorority house while enduring all kinds of punishment from all the members, which is sexy punishment, of course. They have to clean in tiny little bras and bikinis. Then they make them shave the member’s legs and even their pussies in the shower. In the end they have to show off their cocksucking skills so they don’t give the chapter a bad name. Can’t have inexperienced members out there giving terrible head, can we?

Haze Her

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Three girls are trying to join a sorority in college but of course they must go through hazing.  A group of sorority girls get them in a room and make them get naked.  They order one to start sucking on of the girl’s nipples and the other girl to suck the other nipple at the same time. They must do this in front of all of the girls. You can get tell they enjoy it though just a little bit. This whole sexy hazing game is caught on tape. The girl has perfect tits and you can tell they love the feel of their tongue against her nipples.