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These college babes thought that going to college was going to be about learning and having fun, little did they know that they were going to experience hazing at its finest as they try to join the sorority that they want. These girls are forced to take their clothes off as the senior member of the group forces slot machines them to put their faces in her ass and take both dildo’s and sausages in their mouth to prepare them for their complete college hazing experience. The hazing babes are then forced to take real cocks in their mouths and pussies before the rest of the group.

Blonde Babe Hazing College Girls

Sorority College Hazing

These four college babes are busy being hazed in this college hazing gathering. These four are trying to get into the sorority. The babes are forced to strip naked and bend forward with their hands on the wall as the other members of the sorority come behind them and slide sleek vibrators into their slots pussies to make sure they have what it takes. The hazing continues as these women are forced to eat the senior members pussies out before being pushed to the limit in the college hazing. They are lined up facing the wall and a glow in the dark stick shoved part ways into their ass.

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Welcome everyone to Hazing Stories! Let me give you the run down of what goes on here. It’s pretty simple. There are tons of sorority girls out there looking to get into Sororities across the country. We are here to expose all those crazy things these girls will do just to fit in and get accepted. I had no idea this type of hazing took place until I saw Haze Her. Now I’m straight up addicted to watching these crazy college girls! Come back daily to see new videos added and enjoy the ride mutha fuckas!!!! Haze Her rules!