Real Sorority Hazing Acts

haze her stories

College is an interesting journey. Especially for some of those girls pledging to join a sorority. You have no idea what these girls have to go through. They end up getting humiliated in front of everyone on campus and the girls even have to have sex with others to fit in. They basically turn these girls into sluts! I know because I have footage of all the real sorority hazing acts and it’s all featured on the Hazing Stories blog. If you like watching these young college girls suck dick and get naked to fit in then this is for you! Hahaha

Hazing Stories

This is Not FAMU Hazing We Are Hot Girls

not famu hazing

Have you heard the news recently about all the college hazing that’s taking place in Florida? Well, there is a particular school called FAMU that is in some hot water for hazing students. This is even better than the FAMU hazing trust me! These are hot college girls getting hazed during their initiation into a sorority. One of the girls was a member of band camp too. I bet they stuck a flute in her pussy! Hahaha Haze Her mofos!

Haze Her Videos

haze her videos

Hey everyone! We are back in full effect at hazing stories with another amazing update from some sorority girls. You will never believe what this girl had to do to get into her pledge class. They made her give some random guy a blowjob in front of the other sorority sisters. He is one lucky son of a bitch if you ask me! Pretty much every girl that tries to join a club or group goes through this type of thing. Your girlfriend or wife may even be in one of the Haze Her videos is you’re not careful. Girls are crazzzy!

Welcome to Hazing Stories

Welcome everyone to Hazing Stories! Let me give you the run down of what goes on here. It’s pretty simple. There are tons of sorority girls out there looking to get into Sororities across the country. We are here to expose all those crazy things these girls will do just to fit in and get accepted. I had no idea this type of hazing took place until I saw Haze Her. Now I’m straight up addicted to watching these crazy college girls! Come back daily to see new videos added and enjoy the ride mutha fuckas!!!! Haze Her rules!