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This hot website is full of hazing stories that you’ll want to see. In order to get into this sorority, these college babes need to clean the sorority house while enduring all kinds of punishment from all the members, which is sexy punishment, of course. They have to clean in tiny little bras and bikinis. Then they make them shave the member’s legs and even their pussies in the shower. In the end they have to show off their cocksucking skills so they don’t give the chapter a bad name. Can’t have inexperienced members out there giving terrible head, can we?

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These sorority girls are brutal when it comes to hazing new girls. They don’t know when enough is enough. Needless to say we are thrilled that this is the case. There is nothing better then watching some slutty college girls destroy each others pussy and ass because they want to get in with the popular crowd. If you’ve never seen and babes hazed then you need to check this out pronto! You’re gonna love it!

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During rush week three hot babe get hazed and have to have a three way with each other if they want to get in to the sorority. Without hesitation they all strip down as they massage each other’s gorgeous naked bodies, the hot blonde girl spreads her legs slowly on the couch as the brunette girl begins to put her tongue in her moist pussy. The blonde girl gets her pink snatch munched on as she starts to massage the light brunettes girls shaved pussy. Kissing each other as the entire sorority is cheering them on, which makes the girl’s pussies get wetter.

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Its rush week for the sororities as they pick the new pledges, so they do a little hazing to make sure they are worthy, but take it to a whole new level. One of the sorority sisters takes off all her cloths as she walk up to a hot brunette pledge and tell her if she makes her cum she’s in, if not then she’s out till next year. So she slowly undresses as she lays the sorority sister down and begins to eat her sweet pink pussy, her big tits bounce hard as the pledge finger fucks her pussy. The sorority sister screams and screams until she finally climaxes, the pledge laughs out of breath and says so I guess I’m in.

Sorority Pledge Humiliated and Toyed

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If you think boys are bad about hazing wait until you see what the girls bring out. These sorority sisters are feeling exceptionally vicious when their pledges walk through the door. They make them strip down right away and raise their hands to the sky, before pointing out every little flaw with each girl’s body. When one girl tries to talk back they pull her center stage and stuff a giant vibrator between her legs as punishment. When that doesn’t work they get the girls on their hands and knees and make them go ass to mouth on the floor.

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This sorority is all about making the new girls feel like they fit in and belong to the sisterhood and the only way to make that happen is to put the girls through a hazing ritual that will bond them to their other sisters in ways only a naked hazing can. These girls get naked and show off their perky tits and their shaved pussies. The two girls then get down on their hands and knees while the other girl climbs on top of them and gets up on her knees and shakes her big perky tits around while the room filled with other college students watch on and enjoy her show. Once these three naked babes finish their show they are ready for the next hazing event.

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Three girls are trying to join a sorority in college but of course they must go through hazing.  A group of sorority girls get them in a room and make them get naked.  They order one to start sucking on of the girl’s nipples and the other girl to suck the other nipple at the same time. They must do this in front of all of the girls. You can get tell they enjoy it though just a little bit. This whole sexy hazing game is caught on tape. The girl has perfect tits and you can tell they love the feel of their tongue against her nipples.

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Hazing may be illegal, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t done! The sorority sisters we captured on tape at Haze Her took hazing to a whole new level with this sexy pledge session. After blindfolding their butt-naked pledges, the girls begin to play all sorts of nasty sex games. They touch, lick and stroke each other’s bodies until every pledge is soaking themselves and begging for more! While the older sorority sister dominate the pledges with strap-on dildos, the newcomers are forced to pleasure their superiors with some lesbian cunt-licking. All the girls get pleasures and humiliated in this massive group sex clip!

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From being strung up with pink dog leashes and chasing rubber dildo nude on the floor these college girls will do anything to get in the sorority of their choice. Watch as hot sexy blonde and brunette pledges get totally abused and humiliated by sexy upper classmen to earn the right to enter the most popular sororities on campus. The new hot pledges even have to give up some pussy to the hot and horny fraternity boys as part of the hazing. It is all to belong to the hottest girls on campus sorority house where members are getting laid morning, noon and night.

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To grace the halls of some sacred sororities, there are things pledges have to do to prove themselves. Some sororities sisters take their responsibilities seriously and make sure their pledges are willing to do anything for their chapter. They train their pledges to fuck their frat brothers on demand, suck the pussies of their sorority sisters on demand and to like it. Rather than complain, these horny pledges like it and look forward to their days in the house. There’s nothing like watching a group of horny college pledges suck and fuck their way into the sacred houses of sororities.